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Karl Brandt CEO Springbox written interview.


We interviewed Karl Brandt, the owner of Springbox, formally Mealtek. Our interview begins with questioning Karl on the reasons behind the rebranding and business change. Karl explains that although Mealtek was producing fantastic results; the approach the business was having was too heavily personalised to the client.

Therefore, the rebrand made things easier for the buyer; enabling Springbox to become more price competitive and reach more of an audience.

Karl goes on to explain the changes it took to rebrand, how to transform the new brand and the reassuring to please the existing customers.

One thing I will note personally myself is that Karl and his Springbox team regularly send out emails to it’s subscribers asking for feedback in return for discounts. This enables them to make the changes necessary for it’s customers. It’s easy to provide to your audience what you think you should provide, but not actually what they want and need. Springbox has done a fantastic job at staying on top of what people need and want within his niche.

Karl’s background is supplements and nutrition. He also has been involved in tech and ecommerce, these multi talents created MealTek, Tek for technology and Meal being the meals provided. His journey within entrepreneurship stems right back to when he was younger within school, including a car wash business at 12 years old, selling computers on eBay.

Speaking to Karl on his experiences within business so far, one thing he mentions, which I feel entrepreneurs struggle with and is the biggest lesson I take from this interview; is how when we think of where we would like to be in the future we find it hard to believe it can happen.

But when we are finally where we said we would be years ago, we find it hard to give ourselves credit.

One key point from this interview is that it’s important to take a step back and see how far we have come.

We asked Karl why other businesses were less successful which led him to Mealtek, his answer was very informative. He explained that in his early beginnings within entrepreneurship he would almost see a shiny object and be drawn to that, the object being a business idea. Once it wasn’t as shiny, he would move to something new. He now stands by the advice of choosing a business in the first place which you are passionate about; one which you are prepared to stay motivated with even when it isn’t going to plan.

After asking Karl what advice he would give to other entrepreneurs, or his younger self, his advice would be find something you weirdly like and that you have a passion for. This gives you a huge advantage because you can outwork others on this.

What would Karl recommend to do when you need to refuel?

Get to the Gym, take regular breaks and step backs from your business. This ensures you aren’t missing anything from being too close to your business.

Main points to be learnt from this interview.

  • Regularly take a step back from your business to view how far you have come and give yourself credit. This also helps you to reflect on where your business is heading. When you are too close to your business, working 100 hours per week, you can miss things.
  • Outsource tasks which do not make or break a business. This allows you to do the things you are good at.
  • Improve on your leadership skills, to make outsourcing easier. The better you can lead; the likeliness it is for the tasks you have asked others to do will be successfully achieved.
  • Find something you weirdly like or are overly enthusiastic and passionate about. This will enable you to have a huge advantage over others when creating a business based on these fundamentals.
  • Create a good product which helps build word recommendation and deal with customer’s problems in the shortest time possible.


We have published this interview as a video version. This is more detailed and contains more tips and information. Want to view it? Simple. Below is the link to be redirected.


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