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We video interviewed 21 year-old Jordan Daykin, CEO and founder of Gripit Fixings. We began by asking Jordan about the humble beginnings of Gripit Fixings with his Granddad and how the business has become what it is today, and where the idea initially came from. Jordan Daykin is a phenomenal entrepreneur, who has had huge […]

  We interviewed Karl Brandt, the owner of Springbox, formally Mealtek. Our interview begins with questioning Karl on the reasons behind the rebranding and business change. Karl explains that although Mealtek was producing fantastic results; the approach the business was having was too heavily personalised to the client. Therefore, the rebrand made things easier for […]

10 things I learnt since leaving formal education and becoming an Entrepreneur. I recently turned 23 years old. Although still young, I’ve gained many lessons since I left formal education to pursue a path within entrepreneurship in my mid-teens. I was removed from secondary school at 15 years old. Being disruptive, outspoken, independent and standing […]

There’s hundreds of articles and blogs on what the best route to take is when setting up a new business, sole trader, partnerships or limited companies. I’ve decided to write a blog based on my opinion and to offer some advice, there is no right or wrong answer. It all depends on the individuals business. […]

How to make money whilst trying to make more money? Making money, paying bills, looking after yourself all whilst trying to earn even more money, reduce your outgoings and improve yourself can be a difficult task. So difficult that most people grow slow, learn little and remain the same even when 5 years has passed. […]

Tips to maintain a work life balance as an Entrepreneur. Being an entrepreneur myself and running 3 businesses, one being a new start up, I find allowing time for anything but work can be difficult. I am currently in the process of interviewing business owners all throughout the UK, and one thing I have learnt […]

Habits to break to speed the journey to success. Happiness is something requiring regular maintenance, just like an athlete’s physique, a diet plan, or keeping in touch with your friends. Although I feel we all have a baseline happiness set point in which we elevate or deflate from; it’s up to us to maintain the […]

When to leave your job Big questions right? When to leave your job which pays you every Friday? Why would you want to leave your job which offers you financial support and comfort? The comfort of knowing you are guaranteed a pay check every Friday should be much less in comparison to the comfort of […]

How to choose a good business website domain name Finding a perfect domain name for your business website is one of the main challenging tasks which require a lot of research. It’s hard because most of the domains you want are already booked by someone else! It is hard to find a perfect domain for your […]

What makes a good entrepreneur? I’ve used some examples written from my book ‘A switch in the right direction” But I wanted to elaborate and talk further in depth on the common traits a successful entrepreneur has and what makes them successful. The quote goes “Being an entrepreneur is like eating glass and staring into […]