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The Entrepreneurs Platform has been built and designed with the Entrepreneur as it’s main priority. We took a look around and realised the United Kingdom and Worldwide lacks a one stop resource shop for Entrepreneurs wishing to pursue the road of self creation. Being an entrepreneur myself, it’s difficult to know where to turn, what decisions to make and what’s available to you to help you become financially free and most importantly live life entirely on your terms. Everyone dreams of the day they can wake up and decide to sleep in just that hour longer, to travel the world whilst working, to network with other like minded individuals. This platform has been created to help you achieve exactly that, and more!

 How do we plan on achieving this?

 The Entrepreneurs Platform has been built with a community feel, similar to that of Facebook. You can create an account, update your profile picture, interact with other users through our online forum. The idea really is to build a family of entrepreneurs, to help support, encourage and motivate one another.

But the Entrepreneurs Platform is much more than JUST that!

We have included a page full of hours of interviews with entrepreneurs from all different industries, asking them the questions you wish to be answered and finding out what it requires to be successful.

Our Entrepreneurs Website has a members discount page, entitling our lifetime membership users to mountains of discounts with a number of big retailers including gym memberships, spa days, clothing discounts, food discounts, entry into multiple locations and a percentage of our own products.

Our team have also included a nutritional page, we understand health is wealth. As an entrepreneur we eat for convenience and not always the right thing. We eat fast and work faster, so let’s begin by eating the right foods to increase our productivity and energy levels resulting in more work completed. You don’t know about nutrition? That’s fine because we will be interviewing nutritionists and dieticians, creating meal plans for you, and teaching you what should be going in your body for maximum potential

We have included a downloads page, specifically for legal, personal and business reasons. Looking for a business plan template? NDA form? Partnership agreement? Non compete agreement? Save yourself hundreds through going to a solicitor, download for free from our platform.

 A forum, to connect to other users. Ask for opinions, advice and pitch ideas

 A motivational shop including our own clothing line! Also displayed is website package deals, hosting deals, 1-1 personalised nutrition plans and more!

 Also included is a page full of business events within YOUR area. We have done the hard work for you, sourcing all the events which we feel will be beneficial to you!

As a member, we will be providing you with lifetime access for a one time fee, 1 choice of an EP motivational T-shirt, a copy of my latest book ‘A Switch in the Right Direction” a membership card and a welcome pack inviting you into our community!

So..What are you waiting for?